CVK Mining Group has been manufacturing and fully exporting concentrated and lumpy chromite ore, concentrated lead- zinc, copper and silver ore products and marble and travertine natural stone products on its own licenced areas and uninterruptedly carrying on its exploration and survey operations on licenced high-potential areas under its responsibility.

Employees are the principal focus of CVK Mining Group, which has facilities across Turkey and provides employment opportunities for thousands of professionals. The primary objective of the company is to create environmentally friendly, safe and secure working environments at national and international standards at all facilities.

Our Operations

İzmir Torbalı - Natural Stone&Marble Manufacturing Plant

The company has been manufacturing and exporting natural stone within the body of CVK Mining Group. CVK has been uninterruptedly carrying out natural stone manufacturing and export activities since 1990.

Our facility, established on a 23.500 m2 indoor area in Torbali, İzmir, was fully renovated in 2013, with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment provided and with its production capacity raised up to 650.000 m2 per year.

Our biggest priority in natural stone manufacturing is to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction by combining our experience of over a quarter century with our equipment of cutting edge technology and creating top quality products.

Bursa Harmancık - Chrome Operations

Harmancık District of Bursa, which hosts naturally rich and directly salable high-quality chromite mineralization is one of the most prominent chromium mining zones and first discovered as an economic and minable metal ore by the American geologist Lawrence Smith in Dağardı - Koca Maden in Harmancık in 1848.

Hayri Ögelman Madencilik A.Ş., as one of the earliest mining enterprises of the private industry in the young Republic of Turkey, is currently the biggest enterprise in terms of detected reserves and installed manufacturing capacity and infrastructure, also with the highest commercial lumpy chromite manufacturing rate in the history of Turkey. In this sense, Hayri Ögelman Madencilik A.Ş. has always had a distinguished status in Turkish history of Chrome Mining, virtually as a school of mining engineering and general mining practices.

Today, Hayri Ögelman Madencilik A.Ş. has been manufacturing 10.000 metric tons of lumpy chrome ore of directly salable quality on monthly basis from 12 interconnected underground export shafts on over 10 licenced chrome mining areas. The Concentrated Chrome Manufacturing Facility, which currently has a daily feeding capacity of 1.000 metric tons, has been introduced to the national economy with new investments made and renovation of all machinery and equipment in scope of the heavy maintenance and renovation project carried out in 2014. The facility manufactures 3.000 metric tons of concentrated chrome products per month.

Çanakkale Kalkım - Lead&Zinc Operations

CVK Maden İşletmeleri A.Ş. is a company of CVK Mining Group which performs mining, enrichment and export of Lead- Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold. CVK Maden İşletmeleri A.Ş., mainly focusing on lead & zinc ore exploration - development, manufacturing and export activities recently, has been aiming at ensuring CVK brand to achieve the same reputation in lead & zinc mining industry as it has in Turkish Chrome Mining industry. In this frame, the exploration, development, procurement and investment projects have been ongoing concurrently with the manufacturing activities at the enterprise.

500.000 metric tons of run-of-mine ore is manufactured at fully mechanized underground in Kalkım area; additionally, 20.000 tons of concentrated lead + zinc + copper + silver is manufactured out of the ore processed at the fully automated flotation plant with a daily feeding capacity of 1000 metric tons, established in 2012 and equipped with the latest technology. 100% of the manufactured products are exported by CVK Mining Group.

Currently providing employment opportunities for 1000 persons today, CVK Maden İşletmeleri A.Ş., will have increased the number of its employees up to 1500 when it has reached its manufacturing target of 30.000 metric ton/year for the year 2019.

İzmir Bayındır - Lead&Zinc Operations

The exploration activities on Bayındır Lead- Zinc mineralization occurrence, which were included in the agenda of CVK R&D team in the final quarter of the year 2017, have been finalized with the procurement of 2 operating and 4 exploration licences in the area.

The reserves discovered by Mineral Research & Exploration General Directorate (MTA) through advanced geophysics and drilling operations; reserve development operations have been uninterruptedly in progress.

It is planned that, with the investment made at the enterprise, ore manufacturing will be commenced with all licences obtained in the second quarter of the year 2019; and an investment has been budgeted for a new flotation plant for the year 2020, following the completion of reserve development activities.


R&D activities at CVK are an ever-ongoing process. Ensuring harmony between daily manufacturing operations and the R&D activities is of critical importance to raise qualitative capacity and maintain the high manufacturing quality. In this context, R&D activities are the core mining focus of CVK to achieve the final objectives, which are considered as the company’s mission.

Research & development activities are carried out by teams of experienced geological, geophysics and mining engineers working at CVK for many years with a view to improve the current operations and to assure sustainable growth of their reserves and manufacturing capacities both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

Below are listed the projects which are currently at the advanced/ detailed exploration phase and which have reached the project development phase so as to be included in the investment programme:

Balıkesir Sarıalan Gold - Silver Exploration Project

Harmancık Magnesite Project